Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tall Ducks?

A motorist in a B.M.W. was driving through the countryside on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, having a lovely time, when he came to an area of the road that was covered with a rather large puddle of water from a previous rain storm. Worried that he was going to damage the car and its engine in the deep water, he spotted a nearby farmer and asked how deep the water was. "Arr", said the local farmer "That water only be a few inches deep!" Relieved, the motorist edged his car into the water, expecting to come out the other side in no time. Instead, as he drove in, the water came right up the side of the car, and the engine sputtered to a halt. Sitting there in his soaking wet luxury car, the motorist yelled at the local angrily: "I thought you said this water was only a few inches deep!!!" "Well," replied the local farmer "It only come up to the waist of them there ducks!"


Dennis Woodman said...

What do you a Drake of the Realm?

Lord Duck~! Or if you prefer

What do you call a Drake in a Museum? A stuffed Duck! And a morsel to end?

What quacks violently and abuses everything with fowl language?

A Duck, shortly after it has stubbed its foot on a sunken shopping trolley!

Dennis Woodman said...

Uproar in the swamp this week when the Duck medical centre was closed down pending an inquiry into the running of the clinic. It is not clear yet what will be the guidelines but sources suggest the Chief Surgeon maybe involved in fraudulent bill claims and quackery!

Dennis Woodman said...

What were the names of the two Drakes who defeated Custer at the battle of little big horn?

Sitting Duck and Crazy Drake!